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    8.3X8+1.3CM Artificial/Decorative Simulation Vegetable Red/Green/Yellow Pepper

    Artificial/Decorative Simulation Vegetable Red/Green/Yellow Pepper only does "inspire the customer's concern" and is a macro prop that is used to represent the "overview", provided that the details of each component cannot be observed in detail. The model product is an aggregate that triggers "combination of impressions and impressions and resonates"
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Description: 8.3x8+1.3cm Artificial/Decorative Simulation Vegetable Red/Green/Yellow Pepper

Item no: lpn1913n


Material: foam 

Packing: 24/288pcs/85x49x53cm

Size: 8.3x8+1.3cm

Artificial/Decorative Simulation Vegetable Red/Green/Yellow Pepper

The production of Artificial Decorative Simulation Vegetable Red/Green/Yellow Pepper is inseparable from the "photograph", "real sample" and "content description" provided by the customer. The production staff "forms the model" according to the actual sample, according to the photo "coloring", "plating" "And the final processing. Even for the same name of the dish, different shops have different shapes, color and volume requirements. Therefore, the food model is not only low-cost, but also 100% satisfying the customer's aesthetic feeling is impossible. This is the same as the common knowledge that the same chef can't make 100% of the same dishes.

Artificial Decorative Simulation Vegetable is a prop that provides "impressions" for consumers. It is like a "poster" of the Peking Opera Theatre. The photos of the protagonist are the biggest, and then there are small photos with supporting roles and texts of the staff. The audience saw this "poster", even if the plot is not understood, the size of the "area" of the character's publicity, the playing time, the importance of the character, etc. can be judged in an instant.

Artificial Decorative Simulation Red Pepper's role is similar to that of "poster". The "fried noodles" was made with fine rubber strips close to "noodles", and the "kelp" was mimicked with black plastic sheets. These are just "impressions" that have been preserved in the minds of the guests.

Artificial Decorative Simulation Red Pepper

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