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We are specialized toast simulation food bread manufacturers & suppliers/factory from China. Wholesale toast simulation food bread with high quality as low price/cheap, one of the toast simulation food bread leading brands from China,Yantai Lepin Trading Co.,Ltd
  • Artificial Decorative Simulation Bread Bagyette

    Artificial Decorative Simulation Bread Bagyette

    Category: Simulation Bread
    Browse number: 453
    Number: Mbd-14
    Release time: 2018-12-13 16:54:15
    The manufacturing process of Artificial Decorative Simulation Bread is divided into four stages, each stage is divided into four steps: 1. Photographing - sampling - proofing - opening mold 2, repairing mold - blank - blanking - coloring 3, drying - assembling - styling - drying 4, inspection - packaging - storage - delivery

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