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    90Cm Artificial Decorative Printed Foam Flower Rose

    Some people's homes are decorated with the Artificial Decorative Printed Foam Flower, and the Artificial Decorative Printed Foam Flower in some people gives a feeling of weeding. Some of the principles must be followed in order to make the artificial flower decoration look good.
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Description: 90Cm Artificial Decorative Printed Foam Flower Rose 

Item No:24Lph038

Color:Burgundy/ Customized

Material: Eva/Pe

Packing: 12/72Pcs/130X37X51Cm

Size: Total Length 90Cm

90Cm Artificial Decorative Printed Foam Flower Rose

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 Artificial Decorative Printed Foam Flower Rose

The principle of decorating a living room with Artificial Decorative Printed Foam Flower

1. The whole should be harmonious. The Artificial Decorative Printed Foam Flower reflects the personality of the owner. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the number and color of the original furnishings in the room to achieve a reasonable layout. Adding Artificial Decorative Printed Foam Flower to make the home decoration have a sense of rhythm and rhythm, avoiding dull and tedious.

2, the primary and secondary must be clear. The Artificial Decorative Printed Foam Flower is decorated with a master view and a view. The main scene is the core of the decoration, it must be prominent, and it must have artistic charm, attract people and leave an unforgettable impression. The scenery is a subordinate part, which is different from the main scene, but it must be coordinated with the main scene, so that it will not be divided into the main and the second.

3, the center should be prominent. In the selection of materials, the main scene usually uses the rare Artificial Decorative Printed Foam Flower or the Artificial Decorative Printed Foam Flower with a strange shape and beautiful posture. This will enhance the central effect of the main scene.

4. The ratio should be coordinated. There should be a certain proportional relationship between the Artificial Decorative Printed Foam Flower itself and the interior space and furnishings. When decorating the layout, it should be reasonably arranged according to the size of the space and the internal facilities, so that the proportion of each other is appropriate, the color is harmonious, the rhythm and the overall sense.

5, the layout of the methods must be diverse. The indoor Decorative Printed Foam Flower decoration is based on the principle of not taking up too much space. There is no certain pattern and it cannot be uniform. Or follow certain rules, arranged according to geometric patterns; or natural, according to natural landscape design.


1. Can you  make the products with my design?

Yes, it’s our pleasure. Customized designs and OEM order are welcome 

2. Can you add our own logo on the products?


Yes. It is very popular to add your own logo on the sticker or the hang-tag . We have much experience on providing such service.


3. How about the valid period for the quotation:

 As usual , it is one year!

4. Which country and area have your products export to ?

 Our main market is North America and Western Europe. 

5. I also want some other items in your area , can you arrange to put them in your container ?

 Of course , it is no problem. I have arranged many orders before as this rule.

6. What about your lead time?

Around 55-60 days. It depends on current production schedule.