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    50cm Artificial Decorative Spray /pick With Red Berry/pomegranate

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    Christmas Spray/Pick
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    2019-09-28 11:10:48

Item No: Lpn18029

Color: Red-green/ Customized

Material: Foam

Packing: 24/144/65x38x44cm

Size: Total Length 50 Cm

Description: 50cm Artificial Decorative Spray/pick With Red Berry/pomegranate

Artificial Decorative Red Berry

Artificial Decorative Red pomegranate product use: birthday flowers, love flowers, condolence flowers, holiday flowers and other accessories, can be used for tourism wreath head ornaments, Christmas items and other diy products!

With the continuous development of the industry, the advancement of technology, the development of artificial plants, fresh-keeping plants and the enhancement of artistic re-processing, more artificial plants will interpret the perfect harmony between man and nature. Through the unremitting efforts and pursuit of practitioners, and with the concept and attitude of “quality, innovation, quality, service”, the simulation plant industry will win a more perfect and rapid development space.

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