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Artificial Decorative Foam Flower's interior wall decoration
2019-08-06 15:20:21

The purpose or purpose of the Artificial Decorative Foam Flower interior wall decoration is to protect the wall, ensure indoor conditions and make the interior environment beautiful, clean and comfortable. The protection of the wall is like plastering, painting, veneer, etc. The traditional plastering can extend the service life of the wall. When the indoor relative humidity is high, the wall surface is easily splashed or needs to be brushed with water, the inner wall needs to be protected by a gas barrier. Such as bathroom, operating room, tile veneer on the wall, cement wall skirt in the kitchen, toilet or paint or tile veneer.

Artificial Decorative Foam Flower

Interior wall finishes generally do not meet the thermal function of the wall, but when needed, they can also be decorated with materials with good insulation properties such as perlite to improve thermal insulation. The acoustic performance of the interior wall facing the wall often plays an auxiliary function, such as reflecting sound waves, sound absorption, and sound insulation. For example, with foam wallpaper, the average sound absorption coefficient can reach 0.05, and the average 2cm thick double-sided plaster mortar can be used to increase the sound insulation of the partition wall by about 1.5-5.5dB.

The decorative effect of the Artificial Decorative Foam Flower interior wall is composed of the three elements of texture, line shape and color mentioned in the next section. Since the interior wall is in close proximity to the person, the texture requires delicate and realistic, and the line can be detailed or rough and powerful. The color is determined by the owner's hobby and the intrinsic nature of the room. The brightness can be made of reflective, soft or non-reflective decorative materials depending on the environment.