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Artificial Decorative Flower potted craft
2019-08-27 11:48:05

Artificial Decorative Flower potted materials mainly include flowers, pots and soil. However, since it is a simulated potted plant, the flowers must be fake flowers. If there is no soil, it is not necessary to use real soil. In general, cement is used instead. It is possible to fix the artificial flower in the basin and it is not easy to deform. Artificial Flowers usually use fake flowers made of stretched, crumpled paper, polyester and plastic. After making the artificial flower petals, make a complete artificial flower. After making the artificial flowers, find some suitable ones. The pot is made of cement. The final step is to fix the artificial flower combination and form a simulated flower pot. Every step of the production of the simulation pot plant is very simple in your opinion. In fact, the requirements in the production process are very patient.

Artificial Decorative Flower

The simulation flower pot plant can be said to be suitable in any place environment, there is no geographical restriction, and there is no season obstruction. The artificial flower and environment matching problem is mainly considered; the Artificial Decorative Flower pot can be used indoors or outdoors. Because of the relatively small size of the flower pot plant, it is usually used indoors, mainly to decorate or embellish the indoor environment. When used outdoors, it is usually used to set off some large artificial trees. For some festivals and the like, many simulation pots are used for display; there are also shop windows such as some shops.