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    115CM Artificial Decorative Foam Flower Daisy

    The foam flower image is vivid, lively and beautiful, and can be compared with the flowers and plants.
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Desription:115CM Artificial Artificial Decorative Foam Flower Daisy

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Size:Total Length 115CM

Artificial Artificial Decorative Foam Flower Daisy

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Foam Flower

Homemade Foam flower is simple, it can turn into an excellent decoration in your life. So how do you make a Foam flower?

1. Cut a circle from a piece of foam. This will become the petals of the calla lily. The circumference of the circle can be as small or large as you want.

2. Fold the circle in half. Make sure it is neatly folded so that the shape of the calla will be better.

3. Change the circle to create a rounded heart shape that is rounded.

4. Make a hump between the small seams. This will make it easier to form a cylindrical shape of the foam calla lily.

5. Cut a yellow tube into two halves and fold it in half. Screw the two ends together. This will become the stamen of the lily. Gently apply the hot melt on the gap between the two humps, erect the upper end of the folded tube, and place it in the middle of the petal with an extension of about 1⁄2 inch.

6. Gently apply the hot melt on the gap between the two humps, erect the upper end of the folded tube, and place it in the middle of the petal with an extension of about 1⁄2 inch.

7. Place a little hot glue on the crack in the lily to the front of the tube. Take the two sides of the lily, hold the tubes, press them tightly, and stick them to the hot glue.

8. Use a green pipe cleaner to make a handle, attached to the lower end of the yellow tube, which looks like a green stem.

9. If you want to make violets, use a purple foam to cut a circle from the purple foam. But if you want to make a different type of flower, other colors are fine.

10. Cut the slit on the circumference as shown.

11. Cut the V shape from the petals. Make each petal like a small v.

12. Cut a small circle with white foam. This will be the center of the flower.

13. Stick the circle in the middle. Place a small piece of hot glue in the center of the violet, then stick the small white circle on the glue.

14. Curl the petals, each petal is licked so that they stand upright and produce a three-dimensional effect instead of lying flat.

15. Stick the stem to the back of the flower. Use a green tube to stick to the back of the center of the flower.

16. Cut the bubble square in half and choose any color you like.

17. Pass a row of hot glue through the bottom of the foam and then stick the top of the foam board to the glue.

18. Cut the edges. Cut the line from the loop of the folded part to the side of the paste, as shown in the figure

19. Rolling foam. Start with a short side and roll the foam to the other end. When the roll is complete, tap some hot glue along the opposite end and press it onto the roll. Now start at the end of the bubble and start rolling in the opposite direction.

20. Open the flower. When the glue is dry, use your fingers to pull the flower out of the petals.

21. Add stems. Put a little glue on the bottom center and stick a green tube.

22. Completed.

Decorative Foam Flower