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What Are The Characteristics Of Artificial Flowers?
2018-12-05 15:56:55

Artificial flower

Artificial Flower Characteristics:

1, the color is gorgeous, the style is chic, dignified and elegant, the preservation time is long, and the four seasons are full of spring blooms;

2. The cost price is much lower than that of flowers, and the market has a large profit margin;

3, a wide variety, will not be out of stock due to seasonal alternation;

4. A flower-lover who is allergic to pollen can feel confident and enjoy it;

5, while the craft enthusiasts get a leisure and entertainment, but also got a favorite gift and beauty enjoyment;

6, the work to give friends, is a rare personality gift, and make yourself full of the sense of accomplishment of the work.

Since the opening of flowers is more than ten days and a half, and two days and three days, it is only a moment of memories and maintenance troubles. The emergence and application of artificial flowers meets people's requirements for the timeliness of flower viewing, and the life of flower works can be extended.

In addition to long-term maintenance of artificial flowers, it also has the characteristics of strong plasticity, giving the floral designer greater creative freedom. bend. The combination of folding, stringing, cutting and other floral productions provides a broad stage for the emergence of vivid floral works. The vivid image of the artificial flower and the diversity and richness of the combination bring us enthusiasm, surprise, shock and eternal beauty.

Modern people yearn for nature, pursue the art of life, pursue comfort and coziness, artificial flowers have been greatly improved in the quality of materials, from the past handmade to the current computer spectrum, printing and molding. The artificial flower name has the same name as the imitation flower body, and the stem, leaf and flower made of the polymer resin are used after special bright surface treatment and matte treatment. In the use of flowers, paper flowers, hand-rolled flowers, silk flowers, forged flowers, and wheat-flowers are the main products. In the field of floral design, artificial flowers occupy an extremely important part and are widely used in the commercial field.